26 September 2011

...copenhagen love...

...we just returned from a long weekend in Copenhagen yesterday...to say that I loved it would be an understatement...this place is teeming with fashion, interior design, & art inspiration.  We stayed in the city center near Nyhavn & I absolutely fell in love with the area.  Nothing too polished...the buildings are old & have a slight lean...only adding to it's charm.  Here were my city favesss aside from sightseeing....

Rue Vert- danish clothing & home decor
Munthe plus Simonsen- danish clothing & home decor
Casa- danish furniture & decor
Street Machine- really good men's brands for my babe
Wiingaard, Boheme Interieur - vintage home decor finds
Pop up fleas everywhere on Friday & Saturday
Skildpadden- build your own sandwich shop with your choice of salami's & cheese...mmmmmm
Wokshop - ridic Thai-danish food- thanks, Teit!
And if your man does the skatepark thing you should check that out as well- Volcom had an am contest there this weekend...pretty impressive....x mvg

02 September 2011

...le chandelier x surf shack...

I apologize for my lack of posts over the past month or so.  Summer has been busy busy here in the south of France complete with visitors, beach concerts, social events, & surfing/beaching.  No boredom that is for sure!  Sooooo here is a beach shack in Montauk NY by Chandelier Creative exclusively for staff, clients, & friends....I'm kind of obsessed...xx mvg

...ce'st parfait...

This beach house is right up the road from us here in France. Perfectly located in the rad little surf town of Hossegor. The owner travels the globe snatching up houses like this & re-designs them with driftwood & reclaimed materials. So lovely, I think...I'd like to make that my job...Xx mvg all images via oracle fox