26 November 2012

...just a little something...

...kinda love these illustrations by teaspoon studio...hope everyone had a happy gobble gobble day! Ours was spent in the Pyrenees mountains in France with good wine, good food, & amazing friends!

14 November 2012

...guess what just launched...

...the featured artist program launched today over at love vs design- as did my wedding invite suites!  So fun to see them up there along with all the other inspiring talent.  If you haven't been over to this site yet you must check it out- the concept is amazing & the level of creativity is through the roof!  Here is my "brooklyn loft" invite below- my favorite of the two that they chose- hand watercolored & laid back! You can also view my "boulder poppy" & artist profile here.

{profile photo credit crista leonard}

12 November 2012

...geo time...

 ...a little geometric inspiration for today...these ended up situating themselves closely to one another in my pinterest, coincidentally- so I had to share....hope everyone had a great weekend!  It was raining here so I was busy busy with indoor projects, trying to get Spring14 prints ready & out the door for the selling season!

It will never cease to blow my mind that these perfect shapes were originally inspired by things that occur in our natural world- like snowflakes....

...such beautiful perfection that disappears the second it hits the ground or your face....bring on winter!  Hope these are as much a source of inspiration to you as they are for me!  Beauty & inspiration is hidden all around us, you just have to look for it!

{images via here, here, here, & here} x mvg

08 November 2012

...quirky love...

It's the small details that give a space character......take a good look at these interiors, there's more than meets the eye!

...the mini coffee table, large light bulb pendant light, & disco ball...all make me smile equally...& how about the suspended cactus below?!?  Also, the colors in that blanket are to die for...must find!

{images via here & here}  x mvg

06 November 2012

...just saying...

...yup! without a doubt blink-blink's handmade patterns are fillllled with lots of love.  I'm digging all of her work!  Hope everyone has jumped into November with both feet!  I think I am one step ahead- I've got one foot in December...daydreaming of snow...{images via here & here} x mvg

01 November 2012


...skulls get a bad wrap...these ones are quite beautiful! hope everyone had a great halloween! {images via my pinterest- here & here}