05 November 2009

I Heart Grey!!!

I heart Grey & it's finally getting the
attention it deserves!!!

Colour of the Month Grey MI 17.01.03 NCS S3502-R RAL 7036

"Justine Fox, colour expert at Global Color Research™, presents colour of the month, helping you to understand how colour psychology affects trends. This month she looks at the undeniable sophistication and elegance of Grey."

"If ever a colour was ubiquitous in the mass market it is Grey. First seen in Autumn/Winter 09/10 Mix trend Contour (Mix Trends colour forecast book issue 17), there is literally a rainbow of greys from charcoal to dove, turning up on everything from carpets (pictured is Chevalier ├Ędition) to paints. Grey/silver is also perennially popular in the automotive industry because of easy resale or lease and because it shows the lines of the car off with highlight finishes."

"It is interesting that Grey’s popularity has come at a time of great insecurity and economic upheaval; Grey is perhaps the most psychologically neutral shade of all, evoking little emotional response, providing a much needed rest from any form of emotional turmoil. Grey urges us to hibernate and escape from the world."

"Much associated in fashion with Winter collections, Grey also has utilitarian, practical associations that make it chime well with today’s more austere, less throw-away culture. There is a strong urban feel to Grey, evoking expanses of concrete that make it feel slightly dystopian, again fitting in with the feeling of unease any recession generates."

"Like black and camel, Grey is undeniably chic in a low key, controlled way. One of the least sexually attractive of all colours, it never-the-less exudes luxury when combined with a lavish material like cashmere and is increasingly moving out of the boardroom and into the home. Finally Grey works well when lifted by colourful accents, making it a force to be reckoned with for some time to come."

02 November 2009

Watercolor Print Project

I haven't worked with watercolors much and on a whim last week I picked up some watercolor paints and paper at the local art store to see what I could whip up.  It was so much fun!  I'm usually pretty rigid when it comes to painting but this definitely allowed me to loosen up and create a more abstract composition.  A couple glasses of wine later and I had finished multiple pieces.  What a great medium to work in...it's not forgiving at all in that you cannot really go back over your work, which is kind of frustrating, but I got the hang of it after a bit.  Each mark is more permanent but this allows you to really think before laying down the paint and play off of what you've got.  I thought I achieved some really great effects...I don't usually use pinks, purples, & oranges but I was feeling inspired by that evenings sunset off our deck and I couldn't resist.

Once they were dry I took a couple of my linoleum blocks and printed a layer on top & viola!!!  I think there is more I can incorporate here, but it's a start...could become an interesting series...until next time..

Amazing Style

While on the topic of photography- I recently was introduced to the work of Lauren Ross. She and her sister are quite the duo and have an amazing style of photography. They often pair triptychs of images together creating a storyline for there viewers. They make you feel connected and a part of there work for sure. I love the soft colors and the vintage vibe....

Check out www.laurenrossphoto.com & www.larossphotography.com... you wont be disappointed. I'm trying to nab these ladies for our wedding next summer...fingers crossed....

Polaroid Land Camera

I just purchased an old polaroid land camera that takes old pack film that I can't wait to mess around with! The frustrating thing is that it uses a totally dated type of battery that is really hard to find. I ordered one online but it's not going to be here for another 2 weeks-it's on backorder! Bah! Well anyways, I intend on using the new/old camera for a polaroid transfer project. My good friend Abby has created these types of images for years and they are gorgeous! They create this watercolor effect that has a distinct vintage feel. Vibrant colors become subdued and create a ghostly image once the emulsion is rolled out onto watercolor paper. I'm really looking forward to taking some shots on the beaches in Laguna and seeing what comes out of it....images to come soon....