27 February 2012

...ring of fire...

...I apologize for the lack of posts!  currently bopping around London visiting family & gathering inspiration- I'll continue to post when I can- back 100% on Thursday! x mvg {images via david benjamin sherrykristin reger}

21 February 2012


...for me art is all about the process...I think it is for most artists- the act of creating & getting lost in it...it's everything to me...sometimes it's nice to have a plan on what you are going to create but other times there is a beauty in letting it evolve organically...here are 2 very different artistic approaches (as well as art) but both are about the beauty of the process...hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired me....I could watch these over & over again...{lisa solberg & supakitch & koralie} x mvg

...hues of blues...

...teal & turquoise find a way to my heart...always....to the left: citizens of humanity showroom via the fuji files ...turq floor?!?!  it's like an ocean beneath your feet- I dig it....to the right: artwork by christina k  x

20 February 2012

...comey in LI...

I was sifting through some old inspirational tears today & I came across an article about Rachel Comey's Long Island getaway I had ripped out from Domino in 2008!  I searched everywhere on the internet for "non-magazine" photos of the interior, but none to be found...so you'll have to bear with my crappy scans....I did however find an article about her attending the University of Vermont.  So random...I had no idea that we shared the same college & major (studio art)....anyways, I love her style & her converted 1920's laundromat in Greenport, NY (which I think she has since sold, sadly).  {images via domino magazine & refinery29}

17 February 2012

...times they are a changin...

bonjour faithful root interiors readers!  If you haven't noticed over the past few months I've been slowly updating the blog & creative services to include more than just interiors (don't worry, I'll still be posting heaps about interiors), so with that said, I thought it was time to update the blogspot address as well!  Please be sure to update your bookmarks so you can still access the site easily, I'm hoping the change won't bother too many of you!  Thank you for reading & your ongoing support!

creative services: I'm now available for all sorts of rad stuff....surface pattern design, graphic design, interior design- you can still view my interior portfolio (which I desperately need to update) here, & now my art & design portfolio here.  

blog: I'm trying to incorporate more diverse posts ranging from interiors, fashion, art, music, yoga, surfing/snowboarding, flea marketing, projects, diy, & recipes etc etc...if you have suggestions for posts or categories that you'd like to see more of please leave a comment or shoot me an email.  I'd love your feedback! mollyvgraham@gmail.com....x

16 February 2012

...liberty prints...

...liberty- new Spring/Summer2012 fabric print collection loves & inspiration...the collection was inspired by archives, antiques, and costume.   I think I'm going to have to pop in the shop when I'm in London next week...x

1- an archival graphic watercolor taken from a document dating back to 1949
2- a print designed by nayuko yamamoto & inspired by the art deco architecture in the film metropolis
3- zhandra rhodes & liberty collab- inspired by florals from the 1920's with vibrantly colored oriental style flowers on dark grounds
4- a print inspired by a trip to the Glencot House in Somerset- tassels, chandeliers, ceramics, & plant life. Painted in a block print style giving it a batik feel.

...via myvibe....

...some photos from behind the scene preparations for Kelly Wearstler's Fall2012 collection presentation for fashion week.  In love with the rack of acid washed denim, painterly prints- black, white, & moody blues...her transition from home into fashion has been seamless- she is one of my favorites...{all images via myvibemylife} x mvg 

14 February 2012

13 February 2012


..I have yet to tire from the navajo resurgence in both the home & the fashion world...there are endless combination possibilities of geometric shapes & colors that get my mind spinning...still in love...x
1 anthropologie, 2 bliss living home, 3 alexander wang, 4 anthropologie {additional images via pinterest}

10 February 2012

...sneak peek....

...here's a little sneak peek of some of the surface pattern designs I've been working on recently...I've re-found my love for watercolor & have been taking the time to hand draw.  Cheers to friday! x mvg


{images via Amanda Friedman & pinterest}

08 February 2012

07 February 2012

...helsinki mules x makia

...I was flying high in Munich after a handful of these with miss Lina & the Makia crew (who has some killer clothing & outerwear btw- check it out!)...the finns do it right...x mvg

02 February 2012

...munich love...

...just a few photos from the museum brandhorst & pinakothek der modern in munich- super inspirational...the museum brandhorst also had an exhibition of cy twomblys work (one of my faves, but no pics were allowed)...we're in the mountains of austria now...more updates to come soon...x mvg