12 December 2012

...winter whites...

...it's that time of year again...& I'm entranced dreaming of the fluffy stuff & cozy fires...

...looking forward to some family time in the snow starting next week- off to the US for a much needed break! hope everyone has a great holiday- my postings will be sporadic over the next couple weeks... x mvg

{images via here, here, & here- pattern via moi- here}

03 December 2012

...show time...

...holidays are always nuts...this year is no different & I've been busy busy getting ready for 2 shows here in France so I apologize for my lack of posts!

I'll be selling hand printed papers for gift wrapping & crafting along with some hand printed textiles.  Hope to see you at one or both of these!

...more pics to come soon! x mvg

26 November 2012

...just a little something...

...kinda love these illustrations by teaspoon studio...hope everyone had a happy gobble gobble day! Ours was spent in the Pyrenees mountains in France with good wine, good food, & amazing friends!

14 November 2012

...guess what just launched...

...the featured artist program launched today over at love vs design- as did my wedding invite suites!  So fun to see them up there along with all the other inspiring talent.  If you haven't been over to this site yet you must check it out- the concept is amazing & the level of creativity is through the roof!  Here is my "brooklyn loft" invite below- my favorite of the two that they chose- hand watercolored & laid back! You can also view my "boulder poppy" & artist profile here.

{profile photo credit crista leonard}

12 November 2012

...geo time...

 ...a little geometric inspiration for today...these ended up situating themselves closely to one another in my pinterest, coincidentally- so I had to share....hope everyone had a great weekend!  It was raining here so I was busy busy with indoor projects, trying to get Spring14 prints ready & out the door for the selling season!

It will never cease to blow my mind that these perfect shapes were originally inspired by things that occur in our natural world- like snowflakes....

...such beautiful perfection that disappears the second it hits the ground or your face....bring on winter!  Hope these are as much a source of inspiration to you as they are for me!  Beauty & inspiration is hidden all around us, you just have to look for it!

{images via here, here, here, & here} x mvg

08 November 2012

...quirky love...

It's the small details that give a space character......take a good look at these interiors, there's more than meets the eye!

...the mini coffee table, large light bulb pendant light, & disco ball...all make me smile equally...& how about the suspended cactus below?!?  Also, the colors in that blanket are to die for...must find!

{images via here & here}  x mvg

06 November 2012

...just saying...

...yup! without a doubt blink-blink's handmade patterns are fillllled with lots of love.  I'm digging all of her work!  Hope everyone has jumped into November with both feet!  I think I am one step ahead- I've got one foot in December...daydreaming of snow...{images via here & here} x mvg

01 November 2012


...skulls get a bad wrap...these ones are quite beautiful! hope everyone had a great halloween! {images via my pinterest- here & here}

30 October 2012

...dublin days...

...I just returned from a quick little journey up to dublin & back...what a cool city!  It felt nice to get all bundled up for fall & I had a blast bopping around with my friend Katie- she knew just where to take me!

I totally fell for the concept store Avoca- similar to Anthropologie in a way but rooted around Irish heritage & their iconic throw blankets (think cashmere, mohair, & lambswool) that have been around since 1723- Irelands oldest weaving mill!

The store had levels & levels of carefully curated products & even a cute little cafe.  I loved it & everything in it, but unfortunately I had no room for throws in my tightly packed suit case, so delicious smelling soap had to do!  I definitely plan on stocking up on throws from their online store though- their cookbook looks pretty good too! 

...more on dublin to come soon! x mvg {images via here & here}

24 October 2012

...ticket time...

...off to Dublin this weekend so this post is fitting, but also working on a project with vintage ticket & luggage tag inspiration!  Hoping you're inspired too!

I love the idea of mixing textile patterns in with these travel tags, I think the ones above were used for wedding place cards...

{images via here, here, here, & here}

23 October 2012


I've been feeling pretty out of it lately on several fronts...& have definitely been feeling blocked creatively...is there a new moon? A change in the stars?  I have lots of different projects that have my mind all of the place right now so maybe thats it... I'm afraid the blog has been suffering the brunt of it, but I know that once I'm feeling myself again, I ll be be right back with it!  So thanks for sticking with me!

{images via here & here}

22 October 2012

...flea mkt finds...

I found some good steals last weekend at the anglet flea.  I cruised away with a basket of gems -some beautiful pink goblets & a vintage vogue mirror....ooolala...how feminine?!?!

A good addition to our ever growing collection of flea market finds...here is where you can get yours {one & two & here & here & here}...x mvg 

16 October 2012

...root re-design sneak...

...I'm sorry for being an absent blogger!  I'm working on several different surface pattern design  & website projects right now...one of them being re-designing the ROOT site!  Here's a sneak peek below...I'm super excited for this one & hoping that it can be up & running before the holidays...hold tight!  x mvg

11 October 2012

...good day...

...a petite celebration today...I got a lovely message in my inbox this morning from the studio I sell my prints with in New York.... one of my prints sold to a home furnishing company that does bedding for Kate Spade!  I'm beyond thrilled about this as you can imagine...it's the little things
that help to keep you passionate about your work & moving forward...thank you universe for this big one!  I wish I could share the print, but unfortunately I cannot due to all sorts of licencing restrictions...I'll have to keep it under wraps for now... 

...and being in the festive mood, I couldn't help but post some colorful handmade visual displays done by Bramble Workshop, I love all that she does...so inspiring...enjoy x mvg

09 October 2012

...just saying...

...so true..open your eyes..don't sleepwalk through life! {images via here & here}

08 October 2012

05 October 2012


...whats on your playlist?  here are some good ones for your weekend mixtape!  cheers to friday! x mvg

02 October 2012

...flea market bounty...

...I have a shameless chair obsession, so when I saw this peacock chair at one of the flea markets this weekend I had to snatch it up & the price was right! 10 euros! Done! This beauty just needs a little love & soon she'll be sitting in our sunny living room (much to my husbands dismay- so maybe in my new studio).  What do you think, a glossy coat of black with a black & white patterned cushion? Should I keep it white?  Or maybe a fun pop color?  Anyways, you can get yours in a beautiful royal blue here!

Loving these shots of the iconic 70's chair with some seriously gorgeous gals.... {images via here & here} x mvg

30 September 2012

...color surge...

...and I'm back from my travels...wow, what a whirlwind!  Boston => Nantucket => Vermont => Jackson Hole => Vermont => Francy Pants- never a dull moment!  While it was an amazing trip, I'm happy to be back & ready to tackle all of my upcoming design projects...AND, I'm moving into my new studio today!  Here's a powerful punch of color to get you going this week! All of these send a surge of energy & inspiration for me...{images via here, here, & here}

21 September 2012

...interiors & wasson...

...just a couple images that made me smile today...definitely fitting given that I'm currently posted up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!  Cheers to friday! x {images via here & here}

20 September 2012

...for stomping...

...while I have to admit that I'm not fully ready for fall I know that it's coming whether I like it or not!  Seychelles always has the perfect balance of sweet & sass for me- affordable & stylish...here are a few that I'm hoping find a way to my closet for the season...the black platform booties are a must, don't you think?  You can view the rest of the collection here.

what's on your fall hit list?  In addition to amazing shoes I'm hoping to have a fall filled with creative projects, beach bonfires with my honey, cozy dinner parties with friends, fall sunset surfs, french lessons, layers, beanies, spiced wine, & pumpkins... x mvg

17 September 2012

...mara hoffman sp13...

...here are the key pieces from nyfw mara hoffman sp13 collection that totally rocked it for me.

I'm not only crazy about the patterns, applications, & colors, but the silhouettes of these two maxi dresses are to die for!  The pattern placement is perfectly suited for them, don't you think?

Love the whole getup below...braided tasseled belt, utility-esque shirt paired with the jade green shorts & ethnic printed tee....love love....

13 September 2012

...confetti system x the selby...

...I'm feeling very confetti-ish today since it is my big 2-5...ha!  After 30 I decided that I would just choose to be as old as I feel & that happens to be 25 this year...so what a better way to celebrate than with a confetti systems post!  I think if I worked making beautiful things out of colorful paper in a beautiful space like this- shot by the Selby I would be smiling like Julie too!

...garland & paper creations inspired by rocks & gems...it's no doubt they're so gorg...

I love the tassle & rope creations below in cream & silver...understated yet beautiful!

12 September 2012

...vermont love...

...I'm VT bound again & couldn't be happier about another visit so soon since I was just there in June (although I wish my babe was with me)!  If you've never been, Vermont is a very special place with great great people...A couple of gals that I used to work with at Burton have started some pretty amazing things over there so I thought I'd share....Cristin started the Syrup Souvenir Shop, where she makes & sells design conscious Vermont products from her cart on Church Street in Burlington as well as online.  While Ann Marie has started Scouts Honor Co., a very successful stationary studio based out of Burlington as well.

They both have a ton of talent & have figured out a way to make it work in one of the most magical places in the world...and yes even when it's raining!  Here is some of Scouts Honor Co.'s hand lettering...I just shared the Vermont inspired ones, but there is much more over at her shop!

I love the Syrup Shops pocket notebooks & vintage inspired pom pom hat below...Ahhh...the Green Mountain State- my heart is still there & I hope someday we will return!