30 March 2010

Window Dresser

I just stumbled across these great window films by UK gal, Emma Jeffs.  Such a great alternative to shades or curtains.  Her collection of white patterns are printed onto a frosted film.  They allow light in but give you privacy at the same time by helping to blur out shapes on the interior.  They're easy to apply & are not permanent so you can take them off whenever.  You could add a layer of interest with these in any space for sure....

26 March 2010

The Domino Effect

Along with every other interior design obsessed woman out there I've really been missing Domino Magazine since it's ceased publication.  I have stacks & stacks of back issues that I'm so happy I decided to hang onto for future projects but the sadness still resonates!  Runner up is for sure Lonny Magazine.  While it's still getting of the ground it reminds me very much of Domino (probably because the founder started her career at Domino) & I have faith that it's in it for the long haul & will continue to build itself as a viable publication.  Thanks Lonny for stepping up to the plate, Domino has left a big void that I'm confident you'll be able to fill....xxox


20x200 is a great place to find affordable art for your abode.  Just thought I'd share....Happy Friday! xx

22 March 2010

Mountain Classics...

One of my most recent projects that I've been working on is helping my sister design & outfit her new mountain home in Jackson WY.  While digging into the finer details we've decided that a backgammon table is a must - hands down.

Growing up our winter weekends were filled with skiing, fireplaces, swirling cocktails (when we were of age of course) & hours of backgammon and/or pool at our grandparents home in Vermont.  This classic game evokes a sense of nostalgia for sure.

In the quest to find the perfect backgammon board I came across the work of Ara Peterson and his father, Jack Peterson which adds a whole new take on the classic that I grew up with.  Retro yet modern these boards are eye catching without a doubt.  Graphic & punchy to lighten up any room.  Love these.  Check out the exhibition that was on display at Ratio 3 in San Francisco a while back.

13 March 2010

Get your Greens

Seafoam green!  Loving this color right now.  This color would be fun in a room paired with white, mustard yellow, & a charcoal grey.  Inspiration below...xox

Photo & art credits: John Kratz & Julia Rothman

09 March 2010

Native Inspiration in the Hole...

If you've ever been to Jackson Hole you can understand how some people venture out for a season and never come back (my brother & sister being textbook examples).  I just got back from snowboarding & visiting the fam there with my fiance & had the opportunity to pop around Jackson to get inspired during some down time.

The Pendleton store in Jackson caught my eye immediately.  Native American inspired prints have been tacked to my studio bulletin board for months but seeing & touching these textiles in person is a whole different experience- especially a classic like Pendleton.  Their first jacquard blanket was woven in 1909 and since then they have been known for their quality Native American style wool blankets & throws.  They also did an apparel collaboration last fall with Opening Ceremony among other brands.   Here are some of my favorite rug pics...

Chimayo Throw
Four Winds Blanket
Casa Bohemia Blanket
Pebble Beach Blanket

Another gem in Jackson for great textiles & antiques is Davies-Reid - located on the corner of Cache & Deloney in the square.  My sister & I got sucked in- this place was amazing!  I wish I had taken some pics because their website only showcases the rugs and doesn't give justice to the breadth of tribal rugs, throws, antiques, & decor they had in stock.  I fell in love with a cashmere tribal throw from there...but at $1800 I decided to keep looking for a less expensive alternative...

02 March 2010

The Fan Chair

Running with my dog recently I've spotted neighbors that are moving and have this amazing fan chair on their deck.  I'm totally obsessed & part of me wants to knock on the door to see if they're selling it.  It's a rattan fan chair and looks kind of like this one I've posted below from an old Domino issue.  I've also included an image of one that can be found through Wisteria.  The neighbors is vintage and way cooler, but this gives you an idea.  One of these would be rad with a seat covered in a poppy/vibrant print.  Must have! xox