14 April 2011

...scarf man strikes again...

...every Thursday at the Quintaou square in Anglet there is a market that I go to.  It is filled with all sorts of vendors selling everything from homemade soap, to cheese & plants.  My favorite vendor by far is the scarf man.  It's actually becoming a problem.  Everytime I go I can't resist walking away with a handful!  They're mostly silk & vary in sizes, & they are all gorgeous.  I keep my eye out for the ones with a more ethnic vibe, or batik looking ones along with tie-dye & ombre.  My collection is rapidly growing- there are several that I wear on the regular & there are a few that I've purchased for window treatments (suggested from my friend Sage).  I'm excited to tie them together & hopefully figure out a way for them to look chic.  I just bought a bunch of teal & turquoise toned ones today & am hoping to create a valence in our bedroom with them.  Can't wait to show you the finished product....xx mvg

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