09 June 2011

...france x 2...

...roundup of images from our second month in France- I know I'm a little late since we're now in the 4th month...holy moly! But better late than never!  Ok, so here's a little review...we got our last day of snowboarding in at Cauterets in the French Pyrenees- full of 80's garb & all- it was quite a site to see- I can't wait to get back to that resort next winter!  We also were able to explore a bunch of places around France like Bordeaux, Dune de la pyla (largest sand dune in europe- 2 miles long).  We also made our way up to Paris where my husband was filming a live photoshoot for Volcom.  We stayed in the Le Marais area- for sure my fave part of Paris- so charming with all it's tightly knit cafe's & boutiques (lots of emerging designers- sooooo good).  Will also got the chance to go to Switzerland to film a snowboard contest -last minute trip so I didn't get to tag along, but he did bring me back heaps of swiss chocolate- he knows the way to my heart :).  Amazing month & so many more adventures to come! x mvg

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