04 November 2011

...zen & things...

...so I'm not done with my parisian posts quite yet...there were a couple more home decor shops that I made my way into that are worth talking about....

...zen chic had some killer textiles that I was lusting over...the fringed pillows they carry are made from recycled fabric (these types of rugs are everywhere so I'm sure you're familiar).  In the end I purchased 2 of the tropical-esque floral pillow cover above in black...I fell in love with the hand painted feel & the stitching detail.  I have a thing for throw pillows...it's no secret!

... home atour du monde...I have to say when I reached this shop I had been caught in a rainstorm with no umbrella & my map was super soggy so these crumpled city maps caught my eye right away...virtually instructable...I know most of you have iPhones, but since moving to France I've retired mine so this is my vintage mode of transport around cities these days...I'm a dork! ha! xx mvg

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