17 February 2012

...times they are a changin...

bonjour faithful root interiors readers!  If you haven't noticed over the past few months I've been slowly updating the blog & creative services to include more than just interiors (don't worry, I'll still be posting heaps about interiors), so with that said, I thought it was time to update the blogspot address as well!  Please be sure to update your bookmarks so you can still access the site easily, I'm hoping the change won't bother too many of you!  Thank you for reading & your ongoing support!

creative services: I'm now available for all sorts of rad stuff....surface pattern design, graphic design, interior design- you can still view my interior portfolio (which I desperately need to update) here, & now my art & design portfolio here.  

blog: I'm trying to incorporate more diverse posts ranging from interiors, fashion, art, music, yoga, surfing/snowboarding, flea marketing, projects, diy, & recipes etc etc...if you have suggestions for posts or categories that you'd like to see more of please leave a comment or shoot me an email.  I'd love your feedback! mollyvgraham@gmail.com....x

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