24 May 2012

...make it- painted terracotta planter

...I've been wanting to share this project for a while now, but up to this point the weather has been pretty crummy here in France- not planting flowers weather!  This is kind of a spin off the market basket project I shared a couple months ago- but with ceramics & a patterned edge. 

You'll need a paintbrush, ceramic paint (your local craft or art store should carry it- but you can also find it here,  a terra-cotta pot (from your local garden shop- un-ridged would be best ), & flowers!  Just make sure the pot is clean & dry before you start- 2 coats should do the trick & don't be afraid to get creative!  I used a pretty metallic silver paint to spice up my pots but any color would work great.  Another variation of this project would be just to do a straight edge color block- in which case you could just use masking tape to create the straight edge all the way around the pot.  This project was pretty quick & super fun.  Hope you enjoy! x mvg

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