12 September 2012

...vermont love...

...I'm VT bound again & couldn't be happier about another visit so soon since I was just there in June (although I wish my babe was with me)!  If you've never been, Vermont is a very special place with great great people...A couple of gals that I used to work with at Burton have started some pretty amazing things over there so I thought I'd share....Cristin started the Syrup Souvenir Shop, where she makes & sells design conscious Vermont products from her cart on Church Street in Burlington as well as online.  While Ann Marie has started Scouts Honor Co., a very successful stationary studio based out of Burlington as well.

They both have a ton of talent & have figured out a way to make it work in one of the most magical places in the world...and yes even when it's raining!  Here is some of Scouts Honor Co.'s hand lettering...I just shared the Vermont inspired ones, but there is much more over at her shop!

I love the Syrup Shops pocket notebooks & vintage inspired pom pom hat below...Ahhh...the Green Mountain State- my heart is still there & I hope someday we will return!

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