17 January 2013


...well here we are..it's 2013 & I've already been a bad bad blogger...I'm sooooo sorry!!!  I've been doing a lot of self reflecting over the past few weeks & have been feeling totally uninspired to be honest.  I've had a tough time figuring out where "home" is lately...actually really over the past year or so- France has not felt like home to me, but Vermont doesn't feel like home anymore either.  I'm not sure if I'll ever feel settled anywhere unless I'm really committed to staying present in the moment & truly digging in my feet & making this my home...so my 2013 resolutions include redirecting my energy, only positivity, living in the moment- breaking old habits & making healthy new ones.  I'm coming to realize that life is really a process & that there is really no "destination" where everything lines up exactly the way we want it to...it's all a part of it- so it's just time to live & enjoy it in the now for what it is.  No more dwelling on the past or worrying about the future...just living for now, taking advantage of each & every day, make healthy choices, & going with your whole heart wherever you are & wherever you go...thats what I've got going on, how about you?  Let 2013 be a year of success & personal growth for all! x {images via here & here}

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