22 March 2010

Mountain Classics...

One of my most recent projects that I've been working on is helping my sister design & outfit her new mountain home in Jackson WY.  While digging into the finer details we've decided that a backgammon table is a must - hands down.

Growing up our winter weekends were filled with skiing, fireplaces, swirling cocktails (when we were of age of course) & hours of backgammon and/or pool at our grandparents home in Vermont.  This classic game evokes a sense of nostalgia for sure.

In the quest to find the perfect backgammon board I came across the work of Ara Peterson and his father, Jack Peterson which adds a whole new take on the classic that I grew up with.  Retro yet modern these boards are eye catching without a doubt.  Graphic & punchy to lighten up any room.  Love these.  Check out the exhibition that was on display at Ratio 3 in San Francisco a while back.

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