05 January 2012

...my yoga online...

...how awesome is this picture?!?  I wish I felt so at ease in a pose like this...ha!  Unfortunately I'm usually hanging on for dear life...but practice-practice-practice right?  Maybe someday!

Since being in France I've had a tough time finding a yoga studio that I'm love with, not to mention the fact that the classes are all in french which presents an interesting situation in itself.  I'm not giving up yet in my quest since it will definitely only help my french, but until then I've found another solution- My Yoga Online. If you're like me & try to practice yoga everyday it can be costly if you go to a studio.  This site costs around $9 a month I think & you have access to thousands of yoga videos from instructors all over the country.  I'm seriously obsessed & it's great if you travel a lot because you can do it from wherever & whenever...pretty great.  Here are some of my top videos that I would recommend if you join.  Get bendy! {image via 30.media.tumblr}

Here Comes the Sun- power yoga flow
Vinyasa for Strength- vinyasa power yoga
Boost your Immune System- hatha yoga flow
In a Heartbeat- vinyasa yoga
Twist it Out- vinyasa power yoga
Have to do Some Hatha- hatha yoga flow 
Hatha Yoga for Heart & Hips -hatha yoga flow

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