16 February 2011

...the big to do...

<<< victorian ceiling medallions painted & repurposed as wall decor >>>
<<< tea tin mini herb gardens for the kitch >>>
<<< vintage picture frame as jewelry display >>>
<<< graphic painted wood floors- it gets better with natural wear & scuff marks >>>
<<< wood palettes painted washed white repurposed for a coffee table >>>
<<< gold chain link & silk braided thread- gorg (I've done this with mvg debossed leather & silk) >>>

...here are some diy projects I've stockpiled- these are on my big to do list that I'm hoping to tackle soon! {all images via pinterest} xx mvg

1 comment:

  1. these are all great! and oddly enough, i need lil kitchen planters, a coffee table, and a jewelry display, oh and that adorable bracelet! fun stuff!