09 February 2011

...south residence...

...here is a design concept board & space plan I recently pulled together for a client.  We shared a similar aesthetic so it was really fun pulling everything together for her formal living room.  Her goal was to achieve a glamorous but cozy space where she could entertain & relax.  The overall look was to be somewhat classic with some rustic accents.  

Drawn from her inspirational images I chose a color palette of deep teal, tangerine, dusty blue, black, & charcoal.  The teal walls & other accent colors will add some needed drama, sophistication & richness to her space while fulfilling her desire for a "cozy but glamorous" room.  To work within her budget we chose affordable furnishings that still had that vintage/classic vibe & paired them with some traditional silhouettes accented by a couple of modern & rustic pieces to create some visual interest.

The furniture layout in the space is more condusive to entertaining & conversation than her previous layout.  The greatest challenged faced with this was trying to figure out where to place the piano that needed to stay in this space while maintaining a good traffic flow pattern & conversation area.  In the new layout I brought in a sofa & coffee table to compliment her antique chairs.  Stools doubling as side tables have been strategically placed & can be brought in as extra seating.  This will help to prevent a furniture crammed area with little room for movement.  Can't wait to see the finished product...stay tuned! {xx mvg}

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