09 February 2011

...uxua + diy chandelier....

...while cruising through design trippers  I came across the non hotel, hotel, UXUA by Diesel's creative director, Wilbert Das in Trancoso, Brazil.  Such a rad community of houses built or restored by local artisans using mainly recycled & repurposed materials.  These abodes have some truly unique decor including sinks, baths, & showers carved from fallen tree trunks, local roof tiles restored from old local farm houses, & one of my favorites (shown above), colorful chandeliers made from dried local acai berries...after scouring the internet for where I could buy one of these beauties I realized it would be way cooler to make one myself!  Since we are currently in transition- this project will have to wait until we are settled in our new home in France, but I'd thought I'd share anyways & hopefully you can add a glamorous chandelier with an earthy touch to your own space....{xx mvg}

...project borrowed from gus + lula....
...the materials....
+ lots of long strands of beads-all the same length (although they suggest mardi-gras beads, I think that dyed dried nuts or berries or wood beads would be more classy but also not too expensive- you could find these at any bead store- may have to restring if your strands aren't long enough though)
+ metal hanging garden basket
+ spool of thin-gauge wire
+ wire cutters
+ wire clothes hanger
+ pendant light kit (cord & socket)
+ metal chain to hang fixture
+ light fixture mounting bracket, bolt & loop
+ light fixture ceiling cap
...to start....
+ paint the hanging garden basket to match your beads
+ easiest to suspend your chandelier from something such as a ladder while you work on it
...add ring to top...
+ remove the metal hook from the basket- you'll need to wire a light fixture ceiling bracket to a ring (can make out of bent clothes hanger).  The loop on top screws onto a hollow bolt that screws into the bracket, which you can later attach the chain to.
...add structure...
+ add a ring (can be made out of bent clothes hanger) 1/2 way between the top of the chandelier & the lower ring for a little more shape.  This will allow the beaded strands to swag a bit without the metal chains showing....

....add the color....
+ add the beads by attaching them around the top ring- you can do this by looping wire around the top bead of each strand & securing them to the metal ring.
+ continue to attach to the middle ring (top of basket)
+ cut any extras off if your strands are too long & once you are happy with the coverage you can attach all of the strands to the bottom

...add chain & ceiling cap...

...hang & lust over...



  1. this looks great! need to try it out!

  2. Can you post a list of how much material it took to complete and possibly cost?

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